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If you’re an inventor or innovator, we’d love to help. Our firm specialises in all aspects of intellectual property law which includes patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.

We also offer commercial legal services including advising on suitable business forms, registering companies, drafting or revising founding documents, structuring and drafting shareholder agreements, confidentiality undertakings and licence and franchise agreements – making us your one-stop-legal shop and business partner.

Experts in the field of intellectual property law

We partner with our clients right from the conception of an idea or creation, through to the granting of a patent, design or trademark right. But this service offering would not be complete if it was not for our ability to assist you taking your “property of the mind” to market by guiding you through the commercial maze. It is here that our expertise in commercial legal advice comes to the fore.

Comprehensive range of commercial services

Taberer Attorneys is experienced in commercial, or business, law which includes advising on, and drafting, further funding transactions, shareholder and operational agreements, and strategic agreements such as joint ventures that facilitate expansion.

Roy Taberer is a CEDR accredited mediator

We also offer alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as commercial mediation, which is a far quicker and more cost-effective process than litigation.

Taberer Attorneys is here to be your legal partner through all the stages of your business, from the birth of your innovation, through formation of a company in which to house your innovation-based business, to building your business through protecting and commercialising your innovation.

How we can partner with your start-up business

Patent Attorney Cape Town
Patent Attorney Cape Town
Patent Attorney Cape Town
Patent Attorney Cape Town
Patent Attorney Cape Town

Roy Taberer

Patent Attorney | Admitted Attorney | CEDR Accredited Mediator

Roy Taberer holds an LLB degree and a BSc degree in Chemistry and Cellular Biology. Roy is both an admitted attorney and patent attorney with over twelve years’ experience in commercial drafting, contracts, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, registered designs, copyright and franchise law.  He is also a CEDR accredited mediator.  His IP experience is wide-ranging including industrial and mining, pharmaceuticals, technology and a variety of SMMEs and start-ups.

Roy has spoken at numerous conferences and gatherings on intellectual property law and patent law and has had articles published in this field. Roy is a member of SAIIPL (South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law) and the South African group of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property).

Patent Attorney Cape Town

Michelle Taberer

Practice Manager

Michelle Taberer holds a BCom (Informatics) degree, a Financial Management Diploma and is an internationally Certified Fraud Examiner.

Michelle has worked in a number of multi-national organisations and has over twenty years’ experience in the retail banking, oil, and FMCG industries, most recently as Process Improvement Project Manager within the risk and compliance function of the South African subsidiary of an international liquor company.

Haniki de Bruin

Legal Assistant

Haniki is a senior legal assistant with experience in preparing area-specific legal documents, such as patent specifications, contracts, declarations and other pleadings. She has over 7 years’ intellectual property management, administration and coordinating experience with comprehensive knowledge on patent filing protocol, both local and international, including prosecution processes and maintenance. She is also a recovery officer and completed her collection studies through SA Law School.

Practice Areas


A patent is a right granted on an invention which is new and inventive. To obtain a patent, an inventor or applicant, must file a patent application. It is here that we are needed. Once the patent is granted, the inventor or the applicant can use the patent to stop another person from making, using or selling something that includes the invention. A patent is in force for twenty years, if the inventor pays an annual renewal fee. A patent only has effect in the country in which it is filed and granted. If patent protection is required in another country, or countries, then a patent application must be filed in that country.


Registering a design protects the exterior appearance of an article and is a valuable tool for anyone who has developed a product that has a unique shape, serving to prevent a comparable product from being manufactured. There are two types of designs which can be registered: an aesthetic design, where the design’s qualities are subjective, and a functional design where objectively speaking the shape of the design is necessary to its function.  The process for applying for registration of your design involves a number of steps and it is here that we can be of assistance.  Registered designs have to be renewed annually before the expiration of the third year, as from the date of lodgement. Protection is afforded to aesthetic designs for a period of 15 years, and to functional designs for a period 10 years.


trademark is a right granted on a brand or logo. For a trademark to grant, the brand or logo must be capable of distinguishing the goods or services of the applicant over the goods and services of a competitor. To get a trademark, an applicant must file a trademark application. It is here we can assist. Once the trademark is granted, the applicant can use the trademark to stop another person from using the same or a similar brand or logo with the same or similar goods or services. A trademark will continue in force indefinitely if a renewal is paid every ten years. Like all IP rights, a trademark only has effect in the country in which it is filed and granted. If trademark protection is needed in another country or countries, then a trademark application must be filed in that country or those countries.


A copyright is a right that accrues to a work of art, literature, music or a computer programme. For work to have copyright, it must be original i.e. not copied from someone else. Unlike with a patent or trademark, you do not have to file an application. You get copyright automatically if the work is yours. The artist, author, musician or programmer can use copyright to stop another person from copying or making an adaptation of his work. Copyright subsists for at least fifty years without the need to pay a renewal fee. Whilst you do not need an attorney to get copyright, you will need us to help you assert your copyright against a person who copies you.

Commercial Law

The law is an integral component of commerce. Commerce, as with any other pursuit of human endeavour, has to be played by the rules. These rules in commerce are widespread and include aspects of company law, employment law, sale and lease, tax and contract. It is essential that you place your business on a solid legal foundation in order to thrive. Partnering with us will assist you to build this foundation.

Commercial Mediation

Unfortunately, no new venture will avoid dispute down the line. Here to we can assist in employing a cheaper and more creative alternative to litigation that lies in mediation. Mediation is a quick, cheap and creative process to unlock and resolve disputes; a perfect solution for an entrepreneur.

Wills & Estates and Trusts

What remains of your life’s pursuits must benefit those closest to you. Bequeathing these assets to the next generation must be carefully planned and your wishes carried out. We are here to assist you in the will drafting process and in managing your estate to ensure that your beneficiaries get what is their due. This process also can be managed through the creation of a trust. Here too we are at your service.

Clients and Testimonials

When I met Roy, I can honestly say that “HE GOT ME”.. he listened to my fears and cared enough to take the time to understand the intricacies of my product and business. His wisdom, patience, advice and ability to listen to what is being said and identify what is not being said has moved my fears to that of trust.

Karen Clarke OosthuisCEO of FICS

“Having worked with Roy for a number of years I would highly recommend him when it comes to building and managing your IP portfolio. Roy has the fantastic ability to understand the innovative and technical aspects of a concept and to capture them in a comprehensive patent specification. Strategically Roy is skilled at guiding new and experienced patentees through the processes of filing local and international protection and helping you understand how the various processes and timelines work. I’m confident that anyone working with Roy would be expertly guided in building a solid IP strategy and portfolio to secure and maintain one of your most valuable business assets.”

Brendan CromptonNew Concept Mining Australia

“Over the past 8 years I’ve worked closely with Mr Taberer as legal advisor for one of his client’s companies and I have witnessed the highly ethical manner in which he conducts himself and I can without a doubt say that I have and will always refer every client to him in future. I have also witnessed him defusing many cases which could have ended in very expensive court battles just showing his ability to rather negotiate settlements than dragging cases out purely for the sake of running up legal bills. This has shown his high standard of integrity which is a rare quality.”

Elize HuyserAdvisor to Legends Sports Memorabilia

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