FAQ 01 What is intellectual property?

FAQ 02 Are there different types of IP?

FAQ 03 How do I protect my IP?

FAQ 04 Do I need to apply for these rights?

FAQ 05 How do these rights protect my IP?

FAQ 06 How long do I need to wait to receive my right?

FAQ 07 What do I have before I have the granted right?

FAQ 08 Can I get the patent for something in South Africa that is patented elsewhere?

FAQ 09 Must I do a search before filing an application?

FAQ 10 Are my IP rights not cast in stone?

FAQ 11 What kind of things can I patent?

FAQ 12 Can I patent a business idea?

FAQ 13 Can I patent an app?

FAQ 14 What if my business is not patentable How does this affect my business?

FAQ 15 Can I file a world wide patent?