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Marnus Broodryk and Roy Taberer weigh in on Ubuntu Baba

In her latest article, Carmen Murray highlights the incident this year where a small business owner, Shannon McLaughlin of Ubuntu Baba, discovered that her baby carrier product was blatantly copied and even called the same name by the retail giant, Woolworths. She arranged a podcast interview with Roy Taberer, a patent attorney from Taberer Attorneys, […]

Roy Taberer features on The Carmen Murray Show!

Ubuntu Baba: How do you protect your ideas? Marnus Broodryk, Shannon McLaughlin, Roy Taberer, Kimberleigh Stark Shannon McLaughlin, owner of the Ubuntu Baba baby carrier, recently took on Woolworths for “stealing” her baby carrier design. This leads to an important question for entrepreneurs: How do your protect your ideas? Listen to the podcast here: https://castbox.fm/app/castbox/player/id1382247/id121671905?v=4.0.29&autoplay=1

“Scamper” into 2019!

Steve Reid The City of Cape Town runs an annual ideas competition called #YouthStartCT competition.   The competition sees over 160 entrants drawn from around Cape Town going through business activation training and pitching the business idea they entered. I am unsure what entries will be on show in 2019, but if last year is […]

From Idea to Reality: Microbide

Taberer Attorneys is proud to be associated with clients who have shown the drive and commitment needed to translate an idea or invention into reality – to become successful businesses, well positioned for the future. Over the next few weeks we’ll be showcasing some of these clients’ businesses. In our second edition of this series, […]

From Idea to Reality: Papstix

Whilst great ideas or inventions abound, turning the idea into reality is something quite different. You need to look no further than the patent office, and delve into the countless patents on file, to appreciate great invention, but on paper. Many of these inventions never evolve into commercial reality. Why then is it so difficult […]

How can Entrepreneurs Protect their IP?

~ Roy Taberer Entrepreneurship is associated with fresh, new, innovative or original ideas. This “newness” comes from the solution that the entrepreneur provides after identifying a gap in the market. The newness may be found in the entrepreneur’s: novel approach to an established way of doing business; new business idea or the provision of a […]

Artificial Intelligence and Patent Law

What is artificial intelligence? Simply, Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by a machine, in contrast to that displayed by organisms. Typical AI is capable of perceiving its environment and taking action based on this perception in order to maximise its chance of successfully achieving its goals.  AI spans the intelligence attributes of reasoning, knowledge, […]


Trite but true. But this statement is not often associated with intellectual property. The Copyright Act states1 that copyright shall be infringed by a person who is not the owner or is not licensed, if that person reproduces the work in any manner or form. There must of course be a causal connection between the […]