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Every day, we are blown away by our clients’ creativity and innovation. We have picked a few of their inventions to showcase in a series of articles.

We begin with a very clever device called “Vice Tye”. We asked one of the inventors, Aldrich Meyer, a few questions about this product:

TA: Tell us about your invention

AM: Vice Tye is the world’s first pocket-size 1gm to 4ton tying, strapping, fastening, securing, and clamping device. It’s a pocket-size securing device that can secure everything, from a feather to towing your vehicle.

TA: What problem does it solve?

AM: 90% of all domestic securing problems.

TA: Why did you file a patent to this invention?

AM: International companies are only interested in licensing products that are patentable and protected. If the product is not protected, don’t bother approaching outside companies.

TA: How did you experience the patent filing process with Taberer Attorneys?

AM: Totally and absolutely professional and hassle-free.

TA: Have you taken your patented product to market?

AM: Yes, we’re in the throes of signing a licence deal with an international company.

TA: What advice would you give other inventors?

AM: Don’t attempt this process yourself – it’s a lot more complicated than you think. Use a reputable patent attorney who does everything – from drawings, to (absolutely critical) professionally drafting and submitting your patent application. If you are going international like we are, use a patent attorney who can access the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), obtain a written opinion, make changes and challenge the report if you think the WIPO has misread or misunderstood anything.

We, in all honesty, recommend Taberer Attorneys for a full-package hassle-free patenting journey.

You can read more about the Vice Tye device here.

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