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Are you confused by the various types of intellectual property?

“Can I file a trademark for my business name, or only for my product’s logo?”

“Does the content of my website form part of my IP, and what form of IP is it?”

“I have developed an app – what form of IP protection can I register to protect it?”

“My food product has a secret recipe – how can I protect this from being stolen?”

These are some of the questions we get asked all the time by clients.

So we have developed this simple table which lists examples of assets your business may have, and the types of intellectual property they fall into.

We hope this is useful!

Please reach out to us for any advice you need regarding the forms of IP protection available to you, and the registration thereof.

You can also visit the Intellectual Property page on our website, or the CIPC’s website, to read more about the various forms of IP.